The Party Council

The Party Council is made up of the members of the Central Board, the delegates from the Departments and the delegates from the Nuclei. The departments and the Nuclei are each represented by a three-strong delegation, namely: the chairman, the secretary and the treasurer. The Party Council meets annually in March. The convocation for this meeting takes place at least thirty days in advance, sending the agenda of this meeting, with an invitation to nominate candidates for a position on the Board of Directors within three weeks. Proposals to amend or supplement the agenda can be submitted within the same three-week period. be submitted to the Board of Directors.

The following matters will be discussed at this meeting:

a. the Secretary-General’s report for the past financial year;

b. the Treasurer’s report on the financial management conducted;

c. the report of the cash committee on the financial management of the past financial year, followed by its dissolution;

d. appointment of a new cash committee for the current association year, consisting of three members;

e. provision of vacancies in the Central Board;

f. handling the proposals of the Central Board, the Departmental and Core Boards;

g. determination of the Party’s program of principles or any other special program;

h. determining the contribution of the members with determination of the portion that will be made available to the Main Fund and the portion that will be made available to the boards of the Departments and Cores ;

i. everything else that comes to the table.